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I have delivered presentations of my research at nearly 100 distinguished international conferences , events, and universities across 20 different countries including the following international associations: IAMCR, ICA, ECREA, LASA, ALAIC, AoIR, ISA, ESA, CLACSO, AMIC, 4S, ComPol, AIS, DGPuK and Data Power. 

I have been invited to deliver over 30 keynotes and public lectures on the challenges, the implications and the myths of digital activism, data agency and digital disconnection. I have participated in over 60 plenary sessions, roundtables and invited seminars and workshops in leading universities and research institutes all over the world. 

I was the programme manager of the ‘Communication and Democracy’ Section for the 2021 ECREA Conference and have been the organiser of nearly 30 events including 3 international conferences of the 'Big Data from the South Initiative' and three editions of the Data Justice conference (2019, 2021, 2023).


My research has been reviewed by WIRED US, the Data & Society Institute's Public Books podcast, Radio Nacional de España 3, El Diario newspaper, Diggit Magazine, La Jornada, Il Manifesto, La Repubblica, El Comercio, and openDemocracy. I’ve been a consultant for European Digital Rights, the School of Internet Governance and Amnesty Tech.


My research with the Lab is referenced in policy briefs and reports (UK’s Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, UN Special Rapporteur for extreme poverty and human rights) and covered on The New York Times, Sky News, The Guardian, The Observer, The New


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