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Throughout my career, I have created and taught over 20 courses on media theory, digital/social media and culture, citizen media, social movements, critical data/algorithms studies and research methodologies.
I have delivered my teaching in Italian, Spanish and English in a variety of institutions and formats at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Within these courses, I have designed and developed several modules including Social media and politics, Datafied Society, Power and Resistance in the Big Data Age, Citizen Journalism and Digital Publics, Interviews and Focus Group Research.
Since 2017 I have pioneered a module called  "Understanding Digital Society through Black Mirror," which has been awarded the Education Innovation Prize of the Truman Foundation for “its audacity, timeliness and capacity to reflect on digital society’s most pressing issues and dilemmas through the lens of a TV series”.

The course investigates the complex challenges and ethical concerns surrounding digital technologies by engaging students through a medium they are familiar with, allowing for critical thinking, stimulating discussions, and fostering a deeper understanding of the societal implications of our increasingly digitalized world.

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