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Read an extensive list across my 3 lines of research: 

Digital Activism, Citizen Media & Social Movements

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Data, Resistance, Justice & Algorithms


Digital Disconnection & Inequalities

Special Issues

Civic Participation in the Datafied Society

This special section explores new questions at the intersection of datafication and participation from different disciplinary and geographic perspectives.

Algorithmic Antagonisms: Resistance, Reconfiguration, and Renaissance for Computational Life

This special issue explores globally diverse antagonistic algorithmic media practices that tactically subvert, manipulate, or obviate extant power relations much like their analogue of tactical media in a previous age.

Latin American perspectives on datafication and artificial intelligence

This Open Access special issue is three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) is the first to explore perspectives on datafication and AI provided from and within the Latin American continent.

The Limits and Boundaries of Digital Disconnection

This is the first special issue fully dedicated to exploring the potential and challenges of digital disconnection, including reflections on COVID-19, over-connection and new emerging digital and data inequalities

Data Justice

This is the first special issue that proposes and situates ‘data justice’ as a powerful conceptual framework to understand the connection between datafication and social justice issues.

Big Data from the South

This is the first special issue that explicitly explores how datafication unfolds in the Global South. It is inspired by the Big Data from the South Research Initiative which I co-founded and launched in 2017 during the IAMCR pre-conference in Cartagena, Colombia.

From Global Justice to Occupy and Podemos:

This issue takes the long durée approach to contemporary activism, critically contextualizing two decades of digital protest

Latin American Struggles & Digital Media Resistance

is the first special issue in English dedicated to exploring digital activism in the Latin American context.

Social Media and Protest Identities

is one of the most accessed special issues of this journal. It contributed to re-situate the issue of identity at the centre of the debate around social movements and digital media, criticizing accounts that overwhelmingly focus on organizational dynamics.

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